Support to the village of Kordul and Mornei

As part of the Charter signed in 2018 with the municipality of the village and the region of Kordul, for the development of these localities, the association went to meet Mr Maka Today, the main representative of Handicap France Soudan Darfur International in Sudan, Mr. Maka's role is to coordinate the activities of the association in Sudan and to promote the actions carried out by our team with the sole aim of guaranteeing access to school for children and education for women.

After a field study and analysis of needs of the Sudanese population, Handicap France Soudan Darfur internationale has set itself the task of building solidarity projects that are profitable for the populations and beneficial for our partners. funding in order to engage in the long term with the locals. With your donations, we will succeed in preventing these populations from being stuck in extreme poverty.


On the model tested in Kordul, a member of the Board of Directors of the association and a school teacher, set up a partnership with a school primary school in Paris. The activities carried out with the children finance, at each start of the school year, the purchase of school supplies and equipment. The supplies have so far enabled teachers and students to start lessons without delay.

However, the ideal of the association and its local partners is to promote mainly the education of girls who usually leave school to help with the daily chores of large families (household chores, cooking, childcare) By supporting the literacy of mothers and young girls, Handicap France Soudan Darfur internationale wishes to participate in their emancipation. This has had the particular consequence of recently allowing a group of women to carry out a market gardening project.

At the Thanks to the collaboration of the locals and partners of the association, a library has been set up in Kordul and now brings together the young people of the village, both for literary meetings and also to prepare for their exams.


Operation MIL Soleils in Mornei consisted of providing the village with a millet mill running on photovoltaic energy< /strong>, to organize and finance literacy classes and above all to create income-generating activities. This project was built in partnership with the section Research and Development of Kordul (English group specializing in the supply of solar energy). For this achievement, Handicap France Sudan Darfur International won the COP21 prize of the Agence des Micro-projets (AMP) for its realization and was successfully evaluated by an AMP team in November 2018.

Today he millet mill operates to the great satisfaction of the women of the village. A third of the revenue allows the villages and women to invest in new activities, in addition to providing them with tons of millet flour necessary for their supply .

In summary, thanks to this initiative, the association was able to finance literacy courses in the villages, installed a solar-powered millet mill, provided school materials and built a new < strong>health shelter for villagers.