At the request of parents, students and school teachers, Handicap France Sudan Darfur International was able to initiate partnerships with village schools in Sudan. This made it possible to raise students' awareness of international solidarity, to positively change their perception of the precarious but commutable situation of children in Darfur and to facilitate exchanges between the association and the locals.

The various actions, such as the manufacture and sale of objects, calendars or cakes, decided and carried out by the students, have also made it possible to finance the purchase of school supplies and teaching manuals highly recommended by teachers and the Sudanese National Education. Thus, since 2018, Handicap France Sudan Darfur International has supported with the help of the latter, the schooling of the children of the village of Kordul. This school in Paris also raises funds for the school in the village of Mornei.


For Handicap France Sudan Darfur International the success of the various actions carried out so far is the result of the involvement of its loyal donors and volunteers. As a result, to surpass ourselves and go further, the association has actively collaborated with other associations in the 14th arrondissement of Paris who work for the future of Darfur in Sudan > Today with MVAC 14, training and support workshops can still be organized to help associations build solidarity projects towards the African continent.

In addition, our team participates in association meetings organized in France with the aim of getting in touch with other associations, partners or volunteers to help Handicap France Sudan Darfur from time to time in its communication and its search for funding.

To consolidate our action in Sudan, you can join our Handicap France Sudan Darfur International team at any time!

Solidarity missions and stays

From 2018 to 2020, the association organized and supervised several solidarity stays. Since then, volunteers can accompany us during our annual missions in Sudan They thus discover, with all transparency, our practices and the sincere links that we strive to create with the villagers. invited to participate in the design, discussions and follow-up of our projects for these villages.

For the year 2021, other solidarity stays are in preparation. This year, the objective is to allow our young people (18 to 25 years old) to discover the life of the young people of these villages through an intercultural exchange.The young people who have previously participated in the partnership "KORDUL AND MORNEI IN SUDAN DARFOUR" are particularly concerned.

Local authorities are systematically informed and associated, where appropriate, with the management of our projects. The members of the association undertake in particular to respect the choice of the populations benefiting from our aid and to allocate the amount of contributions and donations directly to the projects that are close to their hearts.