The beginning

By providing mosquito nets to the two thousand inhabitants of Kordul, the association is carrying out one of its first actions of charitable aid. With this donation of mosquito nets, Handicap France Soudan Darfur International managed to create a corrective action around malaria.

A crucial intervention which subsequently made it possible through other initiatives to improve hygiene, food and the quality of drinking water for the villagers.

With this aim of strengthening their physiological needs, the association has set up various means (enclosed agricultural land, millet mill) and programs (agro-ecological training) so that the villagers can manage their natural resources.

Similarly, in order to make up for the lack of access to education, Handicap France Sudan Darfur International has endeavored to offer literacy courses to women and children , income-generating activities for the most experienced as well as benevolent financial advice.

A primary school has even been set up following the local notoriety that our association has acquired through the actions carried out.

At present, Handicap France Soudan Darfur International aims to invest in the populations of isolated villages and in the agricultural bush in order to propose effective solutions to the crises they face.

Always in partnership with the various associations and village cooperatives.

Our values

Since its creation, Handicap France Soudan Darfur has worked hand in hand with the local communities in which it operates, in order to become aware of the individual and collective needs of the latter. But also in order to become aware of ways and customs, constraints and local culture. Our philosophy is to help the villagers to carry out their own development projects, and above all not to position ourselves in their place or to appropriate the fruits of their labor. At Handicap France Soudan Darfur, projects are designed solely with respect for the choices of the villagers.

The actions that we defend do not rely only on the rescue of the most vulnerable. Thus, we provide these populations with all the tools they need to achieve their goals and improve their lifestyle (partnerships, service providers, official agreements, purchases of goods and services). In this logic, and for ethical reasons, Handicap France Soudan Darfur International strives to appeal to the villagers in these cases, in order to support the unproductive economies of the country.< br />

Because our actions can have neither common sense nor posterity without a sincere commitment on our part to the cause of the most deprived, at Handicap France Soudan Darfur International , all members of the association are volunteers. During our missions, each member finances his stay abroad. Inspired by the same human and spiritual values, the local members of our association are also volunteers. They participate in the monitoring of projects and report on the purposes of the actions carried out by our organization to third parties.

Financial transparency

The priority of the association Handicap France Soudan Darfur International is to meet the emergency needs of the most deprived. Therefore, to act on the ground and propose solutions capable of responding to the misery of these populations, Handicap France Sudan Darfur International carries out one-off actions such as garage sales or selling consumable goods (in addition to dues and donations) to build a general fund. These funds are intended exclusively for women, children and orphans but also for those living in extreme poverty.

Thanks to the commitment and loyalty of members, the financial resources of the association are constantly growing. To the point where this equity allows the Handicap France Sudan Darfur International association to be considered reliable and credible with donors. In particular, this allows the association to finance projects requiring larger than normal budgets. In addition, the choice and budget of these large-scale projects are voted on each year at the General Assembly. The objective is to reduce our management costs and maximize the finances dedicated to the Sudanese population.

In France, the association mainly conducts actions to raise awareness of international solidarity in order to raise funds. The association Handicap France Soudan Darfur International thus benefits from general recognition, which is essential for setting up new actions.

Be aware that in order to respect the wishes of members and donors, the projects mainly supported by donations mainly meet the needs of the populations of Darfur and Sudan . The support of our donors allows the association to go faster and further in its actions.

{{ 'make_donation'|trans }} à the association means trusting an organization that devotes all its capacities to the actions carried out in Sudan.